Striving for Excellency and Perfection

Market Adjustment Research Center (MARC) is an international full-service research company dedicated to helping clients accelerate profitably growth.


Since 1996, MARC has delivered growth and business-building results for clients by rigorously applying the principle that research is a powerful tool, not an art.


Integral to our success is our ability to help clients define and achieve their goals by applying our custom-tailored solutions to business issues with the focus on Financial, FMCG, Automotive, Telecommunication,Social Media, and Electronics markets.


MARC has its offices in USA, Canada, and Russia.


MARC is a proud member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA),, and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association,

Our Advantages

Wide-range and in-depth expertise in marketing research;

Effective methodologies, widely applied in international business of various markets;

Competitive costs, achieved through the use of modern methods of data collection, data processing, and data analysis.



Dmitry Trofimov


Over fifteen years in research.

Current research interests lay in finance and banking, real estate, telecommunucations, retail of electronics and portables, FMCG

Advanced degree in Mathematics; additional education in Economics and Sociology


Pavel Krotov


Over twenty five years research and consultancy experience with a focus on industry specific change; authored and co-authored several books and over a hundred articles in the US, UK, German, and Russian leading journals; designed a set of unique applied methodologies aimed at conducting successful business operations in countries of transition.

His research and consultancy experience was widely used by international businesses and the World Bank.

Phd in Economic Development from The University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA).


Anna Shteyngart, PRC

Vice-President, North America

Over fifteen years in research with a focus on telecom, finance and IT industry, profound experience in customer and brand image studies in any industry. She is one of the pioneers in online researches in Eastern Europe. With her move to Canada, she expanded her research experience onto Northern American market and currently joined MARC Global team.

Professional Researcher Certification, Marketing Research Association,

Member of Marketing Research and Intelligence Association,

Fully completed "Principles of Marketing Research” course, that is offered by ESOMAR, MRI and Geargia State University, Master degree in Sociology



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MARC applies multi-dimensional approach to bring together consumer demands, business practices, and a specific company's goals.